Message from management

“Medicine and food have the same roots.”

We aim to be a company proposing a healthy lifestyle through food culture.


In Asia, it is said that medicine and food have the same roots. We consider ourselves a company that proposes healthy lifestyles enabling people to lead healthy and active lives.
In addition, we believe that the act of eating is likewise a time for communicating with family, friends, seniors, juniors, and colleagues. It is therefore a vital means of building better human relations, and provides the basis for interpersonal ties. Furthermore, food products play a fundamental role in the aspect of lifelines. In the food industry as a whole, it is particularly the supermarket business that deals directly with customers and functions as a platform for healthy proposals and family/community ties through the medium of food.

■ “Fudo” (local culture and climate) is “food.”

Saeki Selva Holdings is a pure holding company. Under it, business companies organized in five areas operate over 50 stores in total in the Metropolis of Tokyo and the seven prefectures of Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Shimane, and Tottori. Japan is a long archipelago stretching two-thousand and several hundred kilometers from north to south. There are subtle differences in respect of food texture, flavor, and preferences between the northern and southern regions as well as the eastern and western ones, and on the district level. As this indicates, the food culture varies from district to district nationwide. The local culture and climate give birth to foods, and foods give birth to the local culture and climate. With this outlook, the business companies in each area arrayed under the holding company operate stores that welcome local customers in that area. The companies practice management of these stores as local supermarkets that are close to the community and contribute to the local food culture and building of healthy bodies.

■Targeting new, 21st-century food distribution!

Information networks are now a fixture of modern life. In this situation, we are considering the development of joint business by networking our real stores with producers, consumers, local vendors, and other parties through virtual links, drawing on the advantages of our nationwide siting of local supermarkets.
We have contents for dietary life nationwide, and intend to collect them on our website for introduction through the Internet. This arrangement will make it possible for customers not only to have products delivered to the home from the production district but also to receive products and make payments at the store they regularly patronize. By making effective use of the strength of having real stores, we intend to send out timely information on fresh foods in season and specialty products in each district, and provide reliable and safe products. We are going to collaborate with partners who share our aspirations and to broaden the circle of our network for information and proposal provision.

■We are planning for listing toward the end of further contribution to local communities.

Thanks to the support of all concerned in the regions we serve, Saeki Selva Holdings has grown into an enterprise that aims for annual sales on the order of 100 billion yen for the Group as a whole.
In pursuit of further contribution to local communities, we plan to have our stock listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. However much culture and civilization may advance, there will not be any change in the fundamental importance of food.
We shall strive for even more growth as an enterprise by heightening the degree of customer satisfaction as we fulfill our mission of delivering reliability and safety to the dinner table, and by building win-win relations with all parties, including our employees and transaction partners.