About us

Creation of“ good companies” loved by people in the community
by making the most of our human assets

The Saeki Selva Holdings Group is vigorously establishing clusters of business companies with roots in the local community.
While doing so, we are pursuing management that is closely attuned to the wants and needs in each area, in order to merit the support of our customers there.

The Saeki Group is committed to contribution to a healthy and enriched food lifestyle for our customers in each area.

We are taking aim at Group-wide sales of 100 billion yen.

Outline of Outline of the Group Saeki Selva Holdings
Trade name:
Saeki Selva Holdings Co., Ltd.
1-11-6 Nishi, Kunitachi,
Tokyo, 186-005, Japan
Tel: 042-573-8855
March 2011
390 million yen
Business description:
Management and administration of business companies operating supermarkets
Corporate directors:
Yukihiko Saeki, President and Representative Director
Takamasa Kuwahara, Vice-President and Representative Director
Toru Hasegawa, Managing Director
Shinichi Hoshiko, Director
Nihon Sasaki, Executive Officer
Keita Saeki, Executive Officer
Hisatada Kato, Auditor
Outline of the Group
Sales: 52 billion yen
(for the year ended in February 2016)
Total number of Group stores: 50
Total number of Group store employees:
about 3,400 (including part-time employees)
Business area:
The Metropolis of Tokyo and the prefectures of Saitama, Yamanashi, Shizuoka, Shimane, Tottori, Ibaraki, and Chiba

Organization Chart